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    Attendee Comments

American National Property & Casualty 2009 Seminar Presentations
Chris Campbell, Eastern Material Damage Manager, Springfield, MO.
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"Excellent seminar, two very knowledgeable people offered some good advice."
John Roberts, AMS, Vancouver, BC
"Great hands on experience for inside and outside marine claims adjusters. After 10 years of marine claims, it took this seminar to get up close and personal with engine claims. Seeing it will make the surveyor's report clear at last."
Barbara Mahoney, Marine Claims
“Very good program with excellent exhibits. Speakers were responsive to questions, and well informed.”
Jim Steffen, AMS, Sitka, AK
“Your program comes highly recommended. It is obvious that your team has taken a lot of time to figure out the real story behind many scenarios.”
Alan Ridenour, Adjuster
“Very impressive. The amount of “show & tell” was unbelievable.”
C. Warren Moore, AMS, Washington, NC
“Great educational opportunity. Very well structured & executed. Thorough, excellent engine class for all levels. I really appreciated the exposure to the various stern drives and their internal workings.”
Joyce Nolen, AMS, North East, MD
“Good first hand look at hardware in damaged condition. Good overview of assembly and function of I/O system.”
Gary Jackson, Consulting Engineer, SEAL Corp. Tyler, TX
“Excellent class! Real life examples, real life language, instructors communicated with us, not at us. Took time to answer questions and make things perfectly clear.”
Dave Diamond, AMFAM
“When I walked in I thought I’d be lost for 2 days – some how, some way, you guys managed to drill it in.”
Robin Fitzmaurice, Guide One
“Very good seminar! First class, first rate all the way! The marine industry has needed something like this for a long time. It’s great that First Marine has taken the initiative to educate the entire marine insurance community in this regard.”
Doug Semler, Vice President of Claims Marine Operations, Old United Casualty
"This training was absolutely awesome!!! I should have had this training years ago.”
Dan Wilson, AMFAM
“Excellent – well beyond what I expected.”
Harry Swieca, AMS, Northbrook, IL
“I have enjoyed this seminar greatly! Your presentation style is unique & very informative. Your investment in props & equipment is very beneficial in getting the information across. I have learned a number of items about the design and operation of the various types of I/Os which I will keep with me.”
Bob Kochan, President/Principal Consulting Engineer - Forensic Analysis & Engineering, Raleigh, NC
“I received a solicitation for the above seminar which included photos of two propeller shafts, one of which exhibited damage indicative of a sudden event (striking a submerged object), and the other damage due to metal fatigue. The solicitation said “one is impact, the other isn’t…..the wrong choice will be expensive.” I decided not to attend because past education had allowed me to identify which was which, however I took the time to research the seminar further. Many people told me it was a well put together seminar from a technical point of view. …….I left room open in my schedule, and called an attendee of the first session to ask how the seminar was. Another positive endorsement had me calling for reservations. In summary, this seminar was the best technical seminar that I have attended in my ten year career.”
A short excerpt from an article written by Kels Christian, AMS, San Diego, CA
“Friendly, informed, professional presentation. Tons of fun, information and challenge. This program supported my goals and certainly filled the bill.”
Lynne Reister, AMS, Seattle, WA

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